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    Living legend!
    You can look,but don’t touch

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    But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end?

    Well baby, i went down and got it for you..

    awwh, you shouldn’t have.

    Oops… I did it again to your heart 

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    "…if there’s nothing missing in my life then why do these tears come at night?" - Britney Spears

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  9. Get you off with the touching dance in the dark.

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  11. toxicfringe:


    the best version of this song it’s not even a discussion

    I love this version. This is proof that Will.I.Am ruined Britney Jean. At first I felt bad when fans were trashing him, but I get it now. His production efforts were sub-par, especially for a Britney album. I hope she never works with him again.

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  14. Britney Spears + Starbucks

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    iconic kiss

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